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Charleston SC's Original
Mobile Dog Gym

Happiness is seeing your dog run!

Since founding Happy Dog Training Academy in 2020, I've worked with hundreds of families to help them achieve their ideal relationship with their dog. While I'll always be a proponent of obedience training for every dog, some dogs need more exercise than we're able to give them. From busy work schedules, to physical or environmental limitations or even just because of weather, sometimes we just can't give our dog the physical release they want and need.


According to a recent study by Dr. Debra Horwitz, DVM & Dr. Gary Landsberg, DVM

"Insufficient exercise can contribute to problem behaviors including destructiveness (chewing and digging), investigative behavior (garbage raiding), hyperactivity, unruliness, excitability, attention-getting behaviors, and even some forms of barking. It is especially important to ensure that a dog’s need for exercise and social interaction have been met prior to leaving the dog alone at home and prior to lengthy crating or confinement sessions."

Benefits of Running Your Dog

Reduce Anxiety

Regular exercise is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety in dogs.

Live longer

Regular exercise for your dog fights aging-related diseases, promotes cardiovascular health, and keeps limps and joints mobile and healthy.

Stronger Mind

Regular excercise not only is good for your dog's body, but leads to a calmer, happier mind.

More Obedient

Regular exercise for your dog is scientifically proven to reduce nuisance behaviors such as digging, chewing, and excessive barking.

What can I expect for my dog's first run?

Please ensure your dog hasn't eaten for at least two hours prior to their run and that they've had a bathroom break fifteen minutes before their run. Your dog may take a few minutes to get used to the runner, and they determine the pace - our custom built slatmills are self powered, which means your dog runs at their pace. 

After your session, expect your dog to be wiped out for a while - please wait until they've rested for one hour until feeding again. 

Portrait with Dog

James, Tyler, & Baxter

We simply didn't know what to do with all of the energy our little guy has. We felt like we couldn't walk him or play with him enough - he never gets tired! That was until we found Happy Dog Fitness. Bob and his team have not only given Baxter some much needed exercise, we can now enjoy a much calmer, happier dog!

Girl Hugging her Dog

Emily & Max

I live in an apartment and work a full-time job and unfortunately don't feel like I always give Max all the excercise he requires. Bob and his team did an event at my community and we've been hooked ever since. We do the once per week package and it's been a game changer for Max's mental state. He is much clamer and more obedient.

Family Portrait

Delores & Fifi

Wow, I can't say enough about Happy Dog Fitness, they have helped me so much. In the summer months or during inclement weather Bob is there to make sure Fifi gets her exercise even if I can't do it or the weather isn't cooperating. I highly reccomend using Happy Dog Fitness for a much calmer dog! 

Funny Pitbull Portrait

Corporate & Special Events Bookings

Are you looking for something amazing to offer at your next community or corporate event?  Bring Happy Dog Fitness in to provide your attendees with an experience they'll never forget! 

Pricing is per hour and includes UNLIMITED RUNS for your attendees!

Click the link below to view pricing and availability. 

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