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Jacy Gilliano Promoted to Training Team Lead

A little over a year ago, I was booked for an in-home session with a client that had a reactive pit mix named Prada.

I went to the appointment not knowing that it would be a defining moment for me and Happy Dog. I worked with the owner and showed her some simple concepts that would help her and her dog, and overall our session was a success. At the end of it, the owner asked me if Happy Dog was hiring; she liked what I showed her and said she had wanted to get into dog training, but wasn't sure how. I told her to apply online, and within a couple of weeks she had completed the interview process and begin working with me on June 1st, 2022. Over the course of this year, Jacy has become an integral part of Happy Dog. She has shown an immense passion for her craft; she brings enthusiasm, curiosity, and a determined work ethic to each and every training sessions and is an absolute machine when it comes to putting in the work. Jacy has shown a self-starter mentality and has even pursued continuing education courses on canine behavior outside of work hours so that she can bring even more knowledge and experience to the dogs in the Happy Dog Board and Train Program. Not only has Jacy shown grit and perseverance in a very demanding role this year, she has excelled and proved that she is absolutely the right person to help Happy Dog move into it's next chapter. Happy Dog was never supposed to be about one person, in fact I love that everything we do is focused on celebrating your dog for all that they are. Happy Dog is about a team of people working together because they are passionate about helping humans and their dogs live their best lives - together.

I am pleased to announce that Jacy will be moving into the role of Training Team Lead beginning June 2023. As the Training Team Lead, she will be responsible for more of the daily training as well as mentorship and managing training apprentices and junior trainers. Congratulations Jacy, well deserved!

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