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Board & Train Pricing 

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

My mission is to help create a harmonious relationship between you and your beloved dog for the rest of their life. With trust, patience, good communication, and consistency I can open up the lines of communication between you and your dog so that they can finally understand what good dog behavior is. 

By utilizing advanced training techniques and a custom training protocol, I deliver high level results in just a few short weeks. They will experience training in both new and familiar settings, in public and at home, on leash and off. Being around other people, dogs, kids, and other animals is a designed part of the training. 

Your dog will learn to walk through life with a new sense of calm and confidence. If you've been dreaming of helping your dog reach their fullest potential, our training program can open up that door to the relationship with your dog you've been looking for.

The Board & Train Program Covers

Basic and Advanced Obedience


Basic Commands

In my board and train program your dog will learn the FOUNDATIONAL FIVE of dog obedience basics at an off-leash reliable level:







Advanced Commands

Once lines of communication are open, we then begin to work on advanced commands with your dog such as:

Threshold Obedience

Load In/Out of Vehicles

Quiet on Command

Potty on Command
Leave It Alone
Drop It
On or Off Furniture

...and more!

Finally put an end to

Jumping on People
Leash Aggression
Anxious Behavior
Excessive Barking
Crate/Potty Training Issues
Poor leash walking
Counter Surfing
Chewing & more...


Keep Connected 

Updates are provided via text and video messaging. FaceTime sessions are scheduled upon request so that you can monitor your dog's progress throughout the training program.


Lifetime Support Included

We're so confident in our program and in our trainers that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our training. Our board and train includes a 2-hour send home lesson in your home, and all follow up sessions are free for the life of your dog.

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Money Back Guarantee

Book with confidence knowing that if we can't train your dog, 100% of your program fees will be refunded - no questions asked.

All Training Equipment Provided at No Additional Cost

No hidden fees or additional purchases  - ever.

Your dog will come home ready to amaze with all of their own training equipment, purchased specifically for your dog. All collars, leashes, and cots are provided for you at the send home lesson where you'll work one-on-one with your trainer to learn all about your dog's new gear.

Safe and Secure. 


Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals


Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers

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Pet First Aid & CPR Certified through the American Red Cross


Insured through PetCare to protect you and your dog.

maddie river.jpg

Maddie | Mt. Pleasant, SC

After searching high and low, I found Bob and Happy Dog Training Academy. Bob made me feel so comfortable about sending my 7 month old GSD away for a couple weeks. As hard as it was, Bob sent daily updates to keep up involved in River’s progress. They were my favorite part of the day. Bob was super flexible in the send home process and spent time answering all my questions, observing me and my dog, and providing all the education I needed. I am blown away at my dogs progress. While we still have a ways to go, Bob gave both of us the foundation needs to greatly improved our quality of life. I am forever thankful for Bob and Happy Dog Training Academy. Anyone looking for a successful training program for their best friend(s), this is it.

Board & Train Program 

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