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South Carolina Dog Trainer Guarantees He Can Get Your Dog To Listen To You...

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(An $89 Value. Use coupon code "FreeEval" at checkout.) 


We Correct Frustrating Dog Behavior 

Getting a new puppy or adopting a dog is one of the greatest moments in our human lives. But what if your new dog's barking, biting, pulling, anxiety and/or destructive behavior is making life stressful for you and your family? If you're tired of your dog's bad behavior and are ready for more happy days and a happy dog, call today.

We correct issues like leash pulling, biting, destructive behavior, jumping on people, anxiety issues, and more. For a limited time receive a free behavioral evaluation and temperament test for your dog, an $89 value. 

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Off-Leash Obedient in 14 Days or Less?

Absolutely! We’re the dog trainers in South Carolina to call when you want to get your dog to listen to you, anywhere you go – even around other dogs, cats, food, treats, and toys. 

Yes, even their favorite ball, toy, or treat!

We’ll walk you and your dog through a few simple tests so that we can honestly and accurately evaluate your dog’s unique needs and put together a plan to transform your dog's bad habits into good behavior.


Professional & Certified

Dedicated to providing the highest level of professional training for your dog and your family.

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Experienced Trainers.

Proven Results.

We've trained dozens of breeds in all shapes and sizes. No matter how big or small, we train all dogs, all breeds, all sizes.

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Gary & Madrie B. | Mt. Pleasant, SC

The results were well worth the cost and time spent away from my pet. I just can’t say enough about what an outstanding job Bob did with the training and the care he provided during boarding. Bob was the second trainer I used and hands down, he was much more experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable. Selecting him and hiring him to train my pet was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and my precious pup is benefitting from it too. Thank you Bob and thank you for all of your hard work!

Black Dog

Off Leash Training

Our off leash training programs mean your dog will be reliable even around other dogs, cats and food temptations.

End Bad Behavior

We transform your dog's bad behavior into good behavior using expert training techniques in a calm, positive environment.

All Dogs, All Breeds.

Our goal is a happy dog and a happy family. No matter how small or big we can train any dog, any breed!